Quiddity Infotech understood growth of the data in business, and its need in analyzing faster and providing analytics online and real-time. Traditional data storage is no more valid with the evolution of data storage and analysis capabilities in IT. Big data offers an opportunity to build a compelling competitive advantage in the marketplace by adding the whole new dimension to analytics which aids in decision making. Quiddity took Bigdata concepts is one of their business grown areas, and developed core skills in Hadoop, and IBM Optim.

Quiddity Resources / Consultants implemented analytics by using Hadoop enabled businesses to quickly gain insight from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Quiddity accelerates and empowers business to face the 7 key challenges of Big Data

Hand Right-20 (1) How to integrate and effectively “Blend” Big Data with their existing data sources and streams?

Hand Right-20 (1) How to effectively manage the sheer volume of Big Data?

Hand Right-20 (1) How to manage the technology complexity of managing and analyzing Big Data?

Hand Right-20 (1) How to translate and derive insight from Big Data?

Hand Right-20 (1) How to extract maximum value from Big Data initiatives?

Hand Right-20 (1) How to explore and create value from Big Data using cutting edge visualization techniques?

Hand Right-20 (1) How to preempt current and future state analytics requirements to enable companies to change and adapt to evolving needs?

”  Quiddity team applies their expertise to above by solving customer problems.  “