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Data Services

Innovative, reliable and economical enterprise dataservices.

Enhanced business value is what we guarantee by implementing the right quality assurance services.

We put to use advanced QA Methodologies (Iterative, Agile, V-Model, W-Model, etc). We have a profound understanding of applications of the industry-leading tools for QA and testing, test management, quality assurance, automation, and performance. We take on only best practices .

We are your trusted partners in QA. We go beyond the usual trend in QA and deliver the most outstanding results.


  • Analytics-driven Quality Assurance Solutions
  • Data Warehouse QA
  • Business Intelligence QA
  • Big Data QA
  • Managed QA and Testing
  • Agile/DevOps QA & Testing
  • Cloud and Infra QA


  • Risk-based QA
  • Component-based QA
  • ROI-based QA
  • Cloud-enabled QA
  • Decision support metrics and reporting

Our end-to-end QA planning approach, strategies and methodologies eventually make way for our clients to eliminate flaws and inefficiency in their business products, applications, and processes.

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